ComfortDisc is one of the best solutions for providing heating, air conditioning and heat recovery to your home or business.  While all other products deliver heating, air conditioning or heat recovery, ComfortDisc delivers them all with the major benefit of comfort.
ComfortDisc eliminates radiators and under floor heating.  Enjoy rapid response, controllable temperatures and economical running costs.  Design the building the way you want.  ComfortDisc excels at heating or cooling large open plan areas.
ComfortDisc (TM) is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, including  passive houses, custom homes,  schools, nursing homes, day care centers, offices, shops and restaurants. It is also used to replace leaking under floor heating and radiators with minimal disruption and redecorating.
The small diamerter mini ducts deliver zoned warm air heating, cooling and heat recovered air to every room.  For the very best in indoor comfort, warm air heating, heat pumps, heat recovery and high efficiency, ComfortDisc is the ideal system to consider for perfect indoor comfort.
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