How it works

ComfortDisc manifold ducting and 3 meter length of sound attenuating tubing
ComfortDisc outlet with solid column of air

The ComfortDisc system distributes air through rigid metal ducting  (the manifold ducting).  From this manifold ducting, 3 meter lengths of flexible sound attenuating tubing link to each ComfortDisc outlet.

Air is pulled from within the building through a return air grill.  From there it passes through return air ducting into the mixing box module where it is filtered.  Next the air continues into the heat pump and/or the hot water coil module where the air is either heated or cooled depending on the requirement.  Then it is sucked into the fan module where it is compressed and send down the manifold ducting to each ComfortDsic outlet.

The air exits the outlet at between 3 and 5 M/s as a solid column (jet) of air.  The speed of the air exiting the outlet causes the room air to be drawn towards column of air that is exiting the outlet.  This achieves an even temperature from floor to ceiling and wall to wall by very gently mixing and stirring the room air.

The key point to remember is that the the ComfortDisc outlets are having air pulled very gently towards column of air being delivered by each outlet.  The object is not to have air blowing rapidly around a room, but to have air being pulled slowly and gently towards the column of air exiting each outlet.

Outlets are generally placed in corner, or either side of a door or window, they can also be placed horizontally above kitchen cabinets or in the kick plate of cabinets.  Floor mounting of the outlets is also another option.