ComfortDisc is a modular energy efficient small diameter duct distribution system that can provide heating, cooling, air filtration, fresh air, dehumidification, humidification and air purification. ComfortDisc eliminates the use of radiators, under floor heating, ductless split systems and fan coils.

Using a combination of an air handling unit combined with 300mm, 250mm, 200mm or 150mm main supply tubing (plenum), warm or cool air is delivered into the conditioned space via small flexible tubing terminating in a 125mm outlet.

ComfortDisc is suitable for commercial and residential applications. Comfort is delivered from a 125mm diameter discs which can be ceiling, floor or side wall mounted. Each disc can mix the air in a 3M radius and this gives comfort from floor to ceiling and wall to wall without any draughts or complaints. This is achieved by the concentrated jet of air that exits the outlet. These outlets are placed at the perimeter or the room or either side of a door, window or any other area where people will not sit or stand underneath them.