Underfloor replacement

Leaking under floor heating is more common than you might think.  ComfortDisc has been used in numerous buildings to provide a completely new heating system without the need for radiators or the need to dig up flooring or tiles.

If you home neved had radiators, the last thing you would want after years of no radiators is to add them into you home.  With ComfortDisc, all equipment normall goes in an attic and 120mm diameter flex duct connects the small 125mm outelts to the main ducting.

If you are have single storey or bunglow, then all your ducting and equipment are located in the attic.

If you a a two storey home, then the equipment is normally located in the attic and all main ducting located in the attic.  Several 120mm diameter ducts are brought down from the attic through the back or wardrobes or hot press etc.   Is some areas it may be neccessary to box in the 120mm diameter flex ducts as they pass through from ceiling to floor.

Every retrofit for failed underfloor heating is different.  Some examples are listed under the projects section.