Utilizing a zone control panel, thermostats and motorised air valves, up to 10 zones can be added to a ComfortDisc system.

Using the latest in fan technology with ebm-papst EC fan motors ComfortDisc offers energy efficient, variable speed fan motors. Static pressure is regulated by a differential pressure sensor and is adjustable from the Carel Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)   The pressure is maintained at + or - 5 pa of the setpoint value.

As zones open or close the pressure transducer automatically raises or lowers the fan speed to move the exact amount of air required. This saves energy and money by eliminating any unnecessary air flow and excessive static pressure. This means that the air velocity remains constant from the outlets regardless of the number of zones open.

In addition, when ComfortDisc is used with an inverter driven heat pumps (Daikin or other leading brands) the PLC regulates the capacity of the inverter driven heat pump. The supply duct temperature is regulated by the ComfortDisc control panel and is regulated to provide optimum efficiency and capacity. This innovation is unique to ComfortDisc and ComfortDisc are the first and only Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) manufacturer to offer this method of capacity control for condensing units.