Dunbar, Scotland

ComfortDisc outlets horizontal
ComfortDisc outlets horizontal
Front of house
Kitchen & Dining
ComfortDisc main duct fed from attic through bedroom into void in ceiling
View of dining room
ComfortDisc outlets in bedroom
ComfortDisc system in attic
ComfortDisc return air grill high on wall
Spiral ducting linking tow small attic areas with ComfortDisc ducting inside

This is a new selfbuild that uses a ComfortDisc for heating cooling and heat recovery.  The client wanted a heating, cooling and heat recovery system that would use renewable energy as its heat source when needed, but more importantly circulate warm air generated by a bespoke fire place and chimney around the home.

With the desire by the client to have the house as air tight as possible, heat recovery was one important criteria that the ComfortDisc system had to meet.  In addition, due the the vast amoun tof glass, air conditioning was another requirement.  Finally, efficient on demand heating generated by a heat pump was also required.

Delivering heating, air conditioning and heat recovery was no problem for the ComfortDisc system.  Six modules were required, a heat recovery core module, a heat recovery exhaust fan module, supply fan module heat pump coil module, hot water coil module and finally a mixing box module.

The challenge lay in fitting the equipment in two separate small attic areas and connecting all the ducting together.  The solution was to put a large spiral pipe between the two attic areas and install ducting inside the ducting.

1st stage heating cooling is generated by an air to air heat pump connected to the ComfortDisc heat pump coil.  2nd stage or boost heating is delivered by a high temperature heat pump that also heats the 260L domestic hot water tank. 

The ground floor of the project is mainly open plan.  ComfortDisc outlets are positioned at various locations around the room to provide comfort. 




United Kingdom


Two Daikin heat pumps are used for the main house and one Daikin 3KW wall mount is used in the Granny flat.  Any leading brand of heat pump may be used with the ComfortDisc system.