ComfortDisc (TM) replaces defective underfloor heating at a custom home in Fethard, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

This Custom home was originally fitted with under floor heating which failed after seven years of operation.  This is a common problem with certain types of under floor tubing sold and installed in Ireland and the UK from 1980 to 1989.  Over time, the inner walls of the tubing thin out and finally burst.

The home owner did not want to fit radiators so searched for a soloution and decided on ComfortDisc (TM) to replace the defective leaking under floor heating.

Now the house is heated with a more responsive warm air heating system from ComfortDisc (TM).  There are three zones with independent time and temperature control per zone.

The existing oil fired boiler was reused.  New plumbing was run from the hotpress to the ComfortDisc (TM).

Installation took five days and the house was left in perfect condition.  There was no painting or decorating required in the home as a result of installing ComfortDisc (TM).

Overall, considering the options available on retrofitting to replace a failed under floor heating pipe work, ComfortDisc (TM) offers a cost effective way to replace under floor heating while providing a much more controllable and efficient method of heating






One ComfortDisc (TM) system with 26 outlets, 3 zones, zone control panel.  Oil fired boiler