ComfortDisc outlets in sitting room fed fed from attic through master bed room into ceiling void
ComfortDisc outlets horizontal fed through wall. Fed from attic through bedroom wardrobe to ceiling of utility room and boxed in at high level
ComfortDisc in sttting room/lounge
ComfortDisc zone control panels
ComfortDisc outlets in bedroom fed from attic
ComfortDisc outlets in walk in wardrobe fed from attic
ComfortDisc outlets in Kitchen
ComfortDisc outlet in hall
ComfortDisc return air grill in ceiling
ComfortDisc outlets in study, fed from attic through wardrobe in room above into ceiling void
ComfortDisc outlets in utility room fed from attic through wardrobe of bedroom above.  Boxing in at high level to hide flex ducts suppling horizontal outlets to ajoining room
ComfortDisc outlets in Kitchen
ComfortDisc return air module with air fliter in attic
ComfortDisc system in attic

This 4000 sq ft timber framed home was fitted with under floor heating around 20 years ago.  The under floor heating started leaking in various places due to deterioration of the pipes. (a common problem with the brand fitted) 

The home owners, Ian and Katrina faced a dilemma, what could they replace the under floor heating with without ruining the unique flooring fitted is various areas around the house? 

After extensive research they decided that the ComfortDisc system was the best way to go. By installing the ComfortDisc system they eliminated remodeling and redecorating the house, they eliminated the source of the water leaks, namely the under floor heating.  More importantly, they would have a new efficient and fast acting heating system and have more zoning to help in lower running costs and better comfort.

Installation from start to finish took 10 days.  The existing gas fired boiler was reused and connected to the flow and return of the ComfortDisc hot water coil.  A new opening was made in the landing ceiling to accommodate the ComfortDisc return air grill.  The ComfortDisc modules were fitted in the attic and all main branch ducts were fitted in the attic.  All the upstairs rooms are supplied from the attic.

Downstairs rooms are fed via flex duct from the attic through the built-in wardrobes into the ceiling void below.  This involved cutting holes inside the wardrobes in the ceiling and floor and installing the ceiling outlets through the opening provided in the bottom of the wardrobes.  When the flex ducts were installed, a joiner boxed in around the flex ducts to leave the wardrobes with a finished look.

Now Ian and Katrina enjoy a trouble free and worry free heating system, programmable thermostats, proper zoning and low running costs.




United Kingdom


ComfortDisc fan module, ComfortDisc hot water coil module, ComfortDisc mixing box module.  Aprilaire thermostats and zone control system, ComfortDisc PLC panel